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"A budding baby Cossotto"

Ola Rafalo, a singer whose raw instrument is sure to warrant her a starry career, at times sounding like a budding baby Cossotto. Though her role is short, it contains some of the most graciously written passages to be found in the score, through which her dark, sultry sound rolled out through the auditorium with remarkable clarity. It handsomely filled the auditorium in the last act’s prayer “Oh dischiuso e il firmamento”. She is young, beautiful, thin and HD transmission ready, and she is sure to be offered more complex assignments (such as Amneris) in the near future. She is sure to find herself gracing the world’s great stages, and allow those present at these performances to claim to have seen her in the small but important role of Fenena before she became a huge star. Oct 30 2014 

Daniel Vasque